BALLET Silk Heatless Wave Set
BALLET Silk Heatless Wave Set
BALLET Silk Heatless Wave Set

BALLET Silk Heatless Wave Set

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Now you can get soft beachy waves with no heat, no damage and breakage!

Apply to 80-90% dry hair, wrap hair around wand, head to bed and wake up with instant effortless beachy waves.

Set includes: 100% Mulberry Silk Heatless Wave Ribbon with soft cotton filling, 2 matching Silk scrunchies, Claw Clip (colour may vary), Custom Storage Pouch & instructions.

The benefits of our silk wave set: hair Silk fibres have a similar structure to human hair, containing 100% proteins and amino acids. Its natural abilities will retain moisture, keep hair from drying out & unnecessary hair breakage.

Great for older children & adults.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Make sure hair is brushed and tangle free before wrapping
  • Wrap hair high on wand & tight for best results 
  • To shape curl better, try hairspray or sea salt spray prior to wrapping
  • To hold curls longer, try hairspray after unwrapping and/or throughout the day
  • Leave in for a minimum of 5hrs. The longer the better!
  • If using on children we recommend using it during waking hours to supervise

Remember practice makes perfect. As everyone's hair texture and length is different, test it a few times to see what works best for your hair.

*Results may vary.

*Children must be supervised while using the set.

*Due to the COVID19 & general hygiene please note that all sales of this product are FINAL.

For demos on how to wrap & testimonials visit our Instagram highlights (CLICK HERE)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Lindsay McEvoy

BALLET Silk Heatless Wave Set

The best!

I love how easy this is to use!
Works great! Love the waves it leaves in my hair! Highly recommend!

Melanie Marshall
Not as great as we were hoping

My daughter has used a bathrobe tie to curl her hair this way and it works great but for some reason (maybe the satin is too silky) but her hair just doesn’t curl. We are better off just using the bathrobe tie

Kristen Brewer

BALLET Silk Heatless Wave Set

Courtney St Croix

I’ve tried this technique before with my own contraption - and it worked “okay”. The technique coupled with this set made SPECIFICALLY for heatless waves made a HUGE difference! It works SO WELL and I love being able to wake up and do nothing to my hair!!! LOVE IT!